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Discover an exceptional experience with Nemo Galapagos Cruises, a family-owned business sailing the Galapagos Islands since 1985, offering first-class cruises. We own three boats available for cruises to the Galapagos Islands: Nemo I, Nemo II, Nemo III, all specializing in naturalist cruises. Highly recommended by our customers on various traveler forums, you can find many reviews on Trip Advisor by searching for Nemo Galapagos Cruises Latintour to help you decide on your Galapagos cruise.

Want to experience something extraordinary? Nemo Galapagos Islands cruise can be the best experience of your life! If you enjoy nature but prefer to watch it in a comfortable setting, then a Galapagos cruise is just what you need. We are Latintour, the tour operator with about 30 years of experience in Galapagos cruises, so we can assure you that your Galapagos cruise with us will be your best cruise ever. Galapagos Islands Cruises are primarily naturalist cruises aimed at broadening your horizons, and at the same time, our comfortable boats will provide you with first-class comfort and fun.

Nemo II sailing

Embark on a Galapagos adventure with Nemo: Where Nature and Comfort Meet!

Your Galapagos Islands tour with Latintour will ensure you enjoy the hidden beauty of nature without a single hitch. This unique natural paradise is worth discovering aboard one of our boats. Choose from our Galapagos Islands cruises and we’ll ensure it’s your best ever.

Simply decide to cruise with us, and we’ll take care of the rest. Our cruises are perfect for couples, families, and groups, offering something for everyone. Book directly with us for the best price and service.


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