Amazon Rainforest Tours

Our Amazon rainforest tours are all private, custom tours tailored to our clients preferences. Options are limitless in a country as diverse as Ecuador. The activities will take you through large rivers, lush forests and other magic places where you can observe unique Amazonian wildlife.

What To Do in My Amazon Tour?

When you are visiting places like Amazon Rainforest there is often one question, what should i do and how i will enjoy my trip. Expert guides at Nemo Galapagos Cruises make sure that all the travelers enjoy their trip and to blur their confusion we wrote this short things that everyone can do when they plan Amazon Rainforest Tours. You’ll walk through the jungle and see lots of cool animals like monkeys and jaguars. If you plan your trip with Nemo Cruises then you will also ride on boats down the rivers and look for the beautiful dolphins. We’ll visit villages where people live and learn about their culture. At night, we’ll go on walks to see wildlife that come out after dark, like frogs and sloths. And don’t forget about the fun canopy walks high up in the trees! You’ll also learn how to take care of the rainforest so it stays healthy. After all the exploring, we’ll relax in cozy lodges surrounded by nature. It’s going to be an awesome adventure that you’ll never forget!

Places To Visit on Your Amazon Rainforest Tour

When you plan a tour it’s better to get some important info before boarding. Here are some cool places you can visit on your Amazon Rainforest tour:

  1. Yasuni National Park
  2. Manaus
  3. Coca
  4. Napo River
  5. Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve
  6. Puerto Maldonado & Iquitos
  7. Amazon Rainforest Canopy Walkway.

Napo Wildlife Center

Duration: 4 Day


Cuyabeno Lodge

Duration: 4 Day


Sacha Lodge

Duration: 4 Day


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