The most popular means of traveling for tourists is by cruise. NEMO Galapagos cruises are an excellent choice to enjoy this exotic destination. Every year, more people of all ages elect to cruise for their NEMO III Galapagos vacation. The NEMO III Galapagos cruise takes you on a majestic adventure exploring the mystique surround this world renowned destination. The vessel goes island hopping daily to guarantee a plentiful amount of lifetime memories for the duration of your NEMO III galapagos vacation. To experience the Galapagos aboard a NEMO III Galapagos cruise guarantees an extraordinary experience when you travel to Galapagos Islands. The NEMO Galapagos cruises fleet provides exemplary service and the NEMO III Galapagos cruise is no exception. Take a look at the photos below to envision your future NEMO III Galapagos cruise.

NEMO Galapagos islands cruises are veterans in the industry and have been delivering happy passengers for several decades. You can have confidence that NEMO Galapagos cruises will deliver an excellent vacation by the fact that they have been in operation for several years. NEMO Galapagos islands cruises is a staple in the Galapagos Islands and has been for decades. The small local community is very familiar with NEMO Galapagos cruises and the services offered. The NEMO Galapagos islands cruises products are revered as providing exemplary services among competitors. There is a multitude of options to choose from when electing your Galapagos Islands vacation, if you do your research you will see that NEMO Galapagos cruises is an excellent choice and stands out among others as having unforgettable trips.

On board the Nemo III galapagos islands cruise you will enjoy several features,

including a Jacuzzi to relax in on the sundeck. For accommodations on your NEMO III Galapagos cruise, you will have a double cabin with a private bathroom and extra space to store your luggage. The accommodations have been recently renovated adding that touch of extra comfort to your NEMO III Galapagos vacation. For the duration of your NEMO Galapagos cruise you will enjoy 3 catered meals a day along with snacks. The meals are freshly prepared with local recipes taking passengers also on a culinary adventure during their NEMO III Galapagos islands cruise. The entire vessel is air conditioned to handle the hotter climate and hot or cold water to choose from during your NEMO III Galapagos vacation. Fresh towels are provided daily for both the shower and beach an additional perk that we provide on your NEMO III Galapagos vacation. Throughout this voyage you will be able to experience adventure at its utmost with a first class level of attention inside comfortable cabins aboard the NEMO III Galapagos cruise. Imagine hopping island to island and being able to see this all from your own personal sundeck on your NEMO III Galapagos islands cruise.

When you travel to galapagos islands, you will eat freshly, locally made dishes and port at several islands to explore what the islands have to offer during your NEMO III galapagos islands cruise. Each excursion is unique on its own and your experienced bilingual guide gives you a historic discourse on each during the NEMO III Galapagos vacation. You will be the guest of honor enjoying all of nature’s wonderful creations when you travel to galapagos islands. You are completely immersed in the unbelievable nature and wildlife that these islands have to offer a feature emphasized on all NEMO Galapagos cruises. All of the NEMO Galapagos cruises take their passengers on an escape unlike any other. A NEMO III Galapagos cruise is such a unique experience that you will not want to miss.



The Galapagos Islands is one of the world’s most sought after tourist destinations and NEMO Galapagos cruises give you a total experience. When you travel to galapagos islands they are about 1000km from Ecuador’s coastline, it has an astounding variety of flora and fauna both on land and sea. The daily excursions that you have on your NEMO III galapagos islands cruise gives you an intimate close up view. Passengers go from island to island with their guide learning and experiencing historic elements found on each of the NEMO Galapagos cruises. If you are interested in booking a tour to explore these islands, your ideal option would be to take a NEMO III Galapagos cruise. The NEMO III Galapagos cruise has that extra element of luxury making it an excellent choice for those looking for intimate trip. A NEMO III Galapagos islands cruise of the islands is an amazing and total experience. The NEMO III galapagos islands gives a perfect balance between being comfortable and the ability to be close to what the islands can offer in both wildlife and nature. A NEMO III galapagos vacation is the epitome of a trip when you travel to galapagos islands since it includes everything that most passengers are seeking. Our NEMO Galapagos cruises come highly recommended and never disappoint.

NEMO Galapagos islands cruises are model examples of what your Galapagos Islands vacation should look like. Daily excursions, comfortable cabins, excellent food, and professional customer service, all found on every NEMO Galapagos islands cruises. You will be astounded at the splendor surrounding these islands and the NEMO Galapagos islands cruises gives you an inside look that you will cherish for a lifetime.

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